Keep Dreaming
September 6, 2023 by Corey Mann

Have you ever googled how many times ‘dreams’ come up in the Bible?  God uses dreams like a direct line to people.  Important information, encouraging visions, wise counsel, and awakening His followers to the bigger picture.  I think God still uses dreams to do the same communication to us.  But, we tend to dismiss dreams as ‘just our imagination’, or ‘bad dinner the night before’, or whatever other excuse.

A few years back, I created a kid’s book called “Stuffed” about a 3rd grade bear.  It was mostly jokes, but every now and then I snuck in advice.  One particular page said, “Always, always, always make time to daydream.”  I was just trying to plant a seed to not get to busy in life, go daydream and let God inspire you in new ways.