I Already Know That
March 8, 2023 by Tony Weir

I like to cook.  (And, yes, I like to eat also.)   A couple of times recently when I was trying a “new” recipe I got into them and realized they seemed very familiar.

One was a breakfast casserole and about half way into mixing ingredients I thought, wait… this is just a “gravy from scratch” recipe!

Another time I was doing one of those “copycat” recipes for a really good queso I had at a Mexican restaurant.  After the first 2 steps I realized, wait… this is just ROTEL with some extra ingredients!

This isn’t anything new!  I already knew all this!

The same thing happens to me with the Bible.  I’m 50 something and have been reading God’s word all my life.  I’ve heard every story, multiple times.  Sometimes at church or in a Bible study we’ll start to read something and I’ll start thinking… I already know this.  I’ve heard it a million times.

But the amazing thing is there is always something new to discover if we’ll just lean in.  I think God always has a NEW message for us… even with the same OLD story.

The story of the prodigal son is one of my favorites.  Just recently I learned that when the father RAN to greet his son… he was disgracing himself in front of the entire community.  Running in those times was something the “elite” didn’t do.  That’s how much the Father loves his son.  He was willing to disgrace himself in front of his peers.  Whoa!

Even the Christmas story…. did you know the shepherds watching their flocks by night… the sheep they were watching were lambs meant for holy sacrifice.   A practice that would disappear after Jesus became our sacrifice.  The spotless lamb of God.

I never want to stop seeing what God has for me in His word.  I hope you will look… and look again… and look again, too.


Tony Weir

P.S.  It hit me… the music we play works the same way.  Some of these songs I’ve heard hundreds of times.  But at just the right moment, that repeated song can be The Right Song… at The Right Time.  God is at work through his Word… and I believe through Christian Music on The House.