Attention to Details
June 28, 2023 by Kevin Brooks

Sometimes, just a little tidbit of information can profoundly change your understanding.


For instance, did you know that in the Jewish culture during biblical times, it was considered undignified for an older man to run. (I gave up running years ago. Dignity may or may not have been the reason!)


“OK, Kevin,” you might be saying, “That’s interesting. Not earth shattering, but interesting.”


Well here’s the thing, that simple piece of information has given me a clearer picture of the nature of God and how important I am to Him!!


When He told  the story of the prodigal son, Jesus said that the father ran to his wayward child. Jesus knew that culture well, and I think He used this phrase deliberately.  I believe Jesus was saying that God is like a father who is willing to give up his dignity for His children! In other words, He is willing to make sacrifices, just to get to his wayward sons and daughters and save them.


Isn’t that amazing??? That God loves us SO MUCH, He was willing to step out of heaven, take on the humble form of a man, hang on a cross, enter the tomb…all of that, just to reach us.