Let Him In
March 20, 2024 by Amy Byrd
Does it ever feel like the heartbreak in your life is trying to break you?
I feel that right now for a family member that’s going through a divorce that he doesn’t want… It’s the kind of pain where the heartbreak hits with such a sudden and stinging force, that it feels like it cuts through the skin and bone. It’s the kind of pain that leaves us wondering if we’ll be able to ever function like a normal person again.
But God tenderly reminds us that pain is not the enemy. Pain is simply the indicator that brokenness exist.
You may not see it this way right now, but pain can be the gift that motivates us to fight with a brave tenacity and fierce determination, knowing there’s healing on the other side.
So, what do you do during the in between? Maybe you feel like you’re in that desperate place right now, not quite on the other side of it and still feeling a bit raw.
This is the time to invite God into our pain to help us survive. I have to warn that it’s not what comes natural. The other choice is sometimes to choose to run from the pain by using some method of numbing with food, drugs, alcohol and the list goes on. This will only silence your voice that’s desperately wanting to call out for help.
So, invite Him into all of it… Jesus, I pray right now for  the person reading this that you would please come right in to the middle of their pain. Let them feel your presence so clearly that its unmistakable. Help calm their desperate heart, bring peace and rest and restore their heart to yours. Amen