Everyone Counts
March 6, 2024 by Brent McCoy

“Who is your favorite vampire?”

“The one from Sesame Street!”
“No, he doesn’t count.”
“Oh, I assure you, he does…”
I am currently reading in the book of Numbers in my “Chronologically Read Through the Bible in a Year” plan (https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/10819-the-one-year-chronological-bible). Numbers and Leviticus are notoriously difficult to get through for a…number…of reasons. Maybe you have a hard time reading about skin rashes with patches of white hair, or maybe you don’t enjoy finding out how many people are in the tribe of Simeon. Perhaps learning the difference between a sin offering and a wave offering doesn’t thrill your soul. I don’t know.
One thing that I have taken away from reading these Scriptures is that God is in the details. Everyone counts. From the smallest baby to the oldest widow, each person in this world is precious to the Lord. There may be people in our lives that are difficult to deal with. There may even be those that we do not like. Despite OUR feelings, GOD’S feelings toward these folks do not waver.
Every person that you come in contact with today is a person Jesus died for. Each person needs the good news that is the GOSPEL.
“For God so loved the world…”
All the people of this world need to know about this love.