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The House FM
The House FM
Take a Music Crew Survey (or both)!

YOU have a big say in what we play on both House networks!  Taking a weekly music survey makes sure your opinion counts and we keep playing your favorite songs!

This week, The House FM survey looks at some of our NEWER songs with music to rate from Danny Gokey, Phil Wickham, Micah Tyler and new artists Bethany Cruz, Alive City and Charlie Rey!

Our current House of Praise survey goes back a few years asking what you think about older songs from MercyMe and We Are Messengers!

Don’t forget!  Every time you take a MUSIC CREW SURVEY you’re automatically entered to win an Amazon Echo Dot!



Have fun listening to these songs!  We appreciate your time and can’t wait to learn your favorites!

Winners of the Amazon Echo Dot will be notified by email at the end of each month.  Follow this link for our general contest rules and information.