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The House FM
The House FM
Listener Comments
I pledge every year now because I believe in your mission and the station keeps me sane everyday at work. I can put on my headphones and enjoy my dat no matter what comes up. Thank you soo much and God bless you!!! Also, the DJ’s are hilarious!!

A. Maria – Mont Clare, PA
I listen to The House FM first thing in the morning to start my day off right. I love the music and I love the positive influence it has my my family. A lot of the music on “mainstream” stations have inappropriate lyrics and/or content.

Sheila & Matt – Stillwater, OK
We love listening to the great music on The House FM. Our 18 month old will even turn on the radio himself and rock out. Thank you guys for playing music that is fun and also has a positive message.

Melinda & Jamison – Oklahoma City, OK
God has used this radio ministry to speak to my life on so many different occasions. I love the music and positive energy that I get from it. Thank you so much for helping me stay connected to the love of Christ.

Latisha – Blackwell, OK
I love that I can trust that my kids are going to hear great Christ-Centered music every single time. They ASK for The House FM every time we get in the car. My 8 year old son gets upset if we don’t leave early enough in the morning to hear the Chick-Fil-A Mind Bender. They both sing a long all the time. Thank you!

Jeremy – Bartlesville, OK
In my communte to and from work, theHouseFM is how I begin and end my workday. It is the safest place I know when I need a word of encouragement, a good clean laugh, and a stress-free zone when kids are in the car. I don’t have to worry about what they may hear, I look forward to what they may hear! Thank you for courageously lifting up the message of Hope and Redemption through our Faithful Savior Jesus!

Glenn & Kari – Tonkawa, OK
I’ve been listening to The House FM since my Sophomore or Junior Year in 2006 or 2007 and decided I HAVE to give this year. I can’t thank the station enough, or God, for always giving me the right song at the right time. And also for always getting me in the right mood to be able to handle my workday. You can’t listen to The House FM and NOT be in a fantastic mood! Thanks for all the praise and worship moments, tears, and laughs I’ve had in the past years, and also the learning moments I’ve been able to share with my 5 year old daughter! We love you, House FM!

Leslie – Udall, KS
A year ago yesterday my oldest daughter (17) was hit by a car while she was out on a morning run. My husband and I headed to the hospital, & my youngest daughter, Morgan (10) went to a friend’s home. Scared for her sister and unsure of what to do, Morgan remembered the prayer wall at The House FM. She posted about the accident and requested prayers. She instantly felt calmed knowing that your station and your listeners would pray for her sister. My oldest daughter required some stitches and was banged and bruised, but otherwise uninjured. Thank you for the impact you have had on our lives.

Dana – Stillwater, OK
It’s easy to get discouraged listening to how bad everything in the world is. We take our eyes off of God and start looking at the problems and forget He has it all in His hands. You help keep us focused on Him so we don’t forget to trust Him. Thank you.

Mark & JoAnn – Fairview, OK
I decided to support the house FM last year and it was the best year I’ve had. Supporting the house not only improves my life through its music but also creates a positive attitude for me throughout the day.

Dalton, Ponca City, OK
I listen at work to keep my spirit uplifted. The commute to and from work I find I MUST have the music to bring my mind and soul back to normal. I work in a very stressful environment and The House makes a huge difference. I can praise at my desk, in my car and anywhere! Such a ministering Station! The DJ’s are the best, the music is the best and the programs are the best! Love, Love, Love The House FM!

Cindy & Rusty – Stillwater, OK
I listen to The House FM everyday as much as I can. It doesn’t seem to matter what is going on in my life at the moment or how down or confused I am at the time, your station always lifts my spirits and helps put things in perspective. You always seem to play the right song at the right time and say exactly what it is I need to hear right when I need to hear it. The House FM has been such a blessing for my family and I. Thank you for everything you do every single day to reach out to others and share Gods Love, Grace, and Praise.

Jaclyn – Wichita, KS
I thought back over the years that I have been making contributions. I stayed at the same amount for a few years now. I don’t make a lot money, It has been on my mind to raise this year. I believe that the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me to raise the amount that I contribute. Knowing that the House and Praise fm Ministries reaches far beyond Oklahoma. Reaching a lot of souls, I feel this is one the best ways to reach them.

Ronald – Enid, OK
We’ve listened to these radio stations since you came to our listening area way back when. We raised our kids on the music, Adventures in Oddessey and other great programming. We are now introducing our granddaughters to this station. Over the years you have touched our lives with many great DJ’ s, music, and words of inspiration when we needed it most. Thank you for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through your music and programming. May our beloved God continue blessing your ministry for many years to come!

Keith & Debbie – Fairview, OK
We love listening to the House FM because it is always such an inspiration to hear all the great music and great stories from the DJ’s. Over the years, it always seems like the right song always comes on when going thru hard times or even great times as a confirmation that God is right there with us helping us thru the hard times and also celebrating with us thru the great times. Thanks so much to all that support this station and this ministry and to the DJ’s and staff for answering the call the way you all do.

Brian & Heather – Clinton, OK
We have been strong supporters of KLVV for many years. I play the radio station in my waiting room and of course listen in the car and any other chance I get. My clients often tell me how they were blessed while waiting their turn to be seen. My day gets off to a great start by listening to uplifting music and the words on my way to work! This radio station changes peoples lives & I am forever grateful to God for bringing the staff together to continue reminding us that life is good! Blessings!

Jan & Ron – Ponca City, OK
We listen to the House FM everyday!! Our children are so excited when a song comes on that they know!! I have noticed the last couple months our 3 yr old daughter has started singing the songs from the radio around the house, at the store, and even at Children’s Day Out that she attends!! We are excited to support this ministry and hope that another family can become closer to Christ just like we have!! Have a blessed day!!

Kearstin & Trevor – Pond Creek, OK
I have chosen to pledge because you make my day brighter. The constant encouragement I receive through my day while at work keeps me going. It’s also a blessing to hear my kids sing along with the music. You guys are a really big blessing and one of the reasons I can always remain positive and happy!! Thanks for all you do and may God continue to bless you and this ministry.

Micah & Josh – Marland, OK
Be able to listen to christian radio like The House FM is such a huge blessing. One that I didn’t realize for many years. It has shaped me as person and my relationship with Christ, a relationship that I probably would of never had. There are times I cant come up with words to express my thankfulness for the entire House and Praise FM team! So many resources to hear the Gospel!

Chris – Enid, OK
I listen to your My Praise FM through the whole year. Also through Eastern and Christmas time with a special selection of music. I like it very much and many songs enter into my personal repetoire of worship songs. Beside the awesome music I listen regularly to Focus on the Family, which gives great advice for my life and the life of my loved ones. I pray that we could have something like this in the German speaking world.

Arnold – Ittigen, Switzerland
This radio ministry I believe is God’s way of reaching people who might otherwise not be reached. So many times when I am listening to this station I feel God is speaking to me through the music. I am so blessed by the ministry of this station.

Denise – Ponca City, OK
We have been supporting KLVV for the last 20 years. During this time, we have watched this ministry grow and expand to cover the entire world. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to help spread the Word of God over the airwaves in Oklahoma and adjoining states and throughout the world via the internet. The seed we plant each month with our contribution produces fruit in lives throughout the world. Thank you Doyle and the rest of the staff for following God’s direction and allowing us to partner with you.

Vance & Lena – Edmond, OK
I have been listening to nothing but The House FM or My Praise 88 for a while now. It is very uplifting. I feel as if I am praising God all day long. I wake myself up at night singing the song that is playing so I praise God in my sleep too! I wake up to Focus on the Family and I believe that is how God is helping me raise my children and teach them about God and that we are all here for his purpose and glory. God is doing amazing things in my life RIGHT NOW! I AM IN A HORRIBLE STORM BUT I KNOW GOD WILL BE GLORIFIED IN THE END AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS!! God is so good! Thank you Jesus!!

Karen – Ponca City, OK
Friends from church are struggling with their 22 year old daughters life choice – which doesn’t include going to church at this time. So I recommended the House FM -(100.1 here in Wichita) and to leave it there while they transport her to different places. This is what I did with my own daughter and she now tunes in her own radio to your station. I’m thankful for this ministry touching those ‘other’ hearts. Out of the 4 christian radio station in this city- yours is the freshest and most alive! Keep up the great communication. God BLESS you!

Lesley – Wichita, KS
This morning as I sat at the table with Shanna and I’s children and had The House playing in the background and they started singing along with Phil Wickam we just knew that God wanted to was to be apart of the awesome ministry. As we homeschool we are so pleased and blessed that we can play wholesome, encouraging, and uplifting music as our kids learn. Thank you again for being here for us we need that uplift.

The Jones Family – Ponca City, OK
God lays certain things on your heart. When He wants you to serve others, it’s not only just showing up at church. It’s also with your time and your finances. This is something that has been on my heart for sometime. I moved to Texas from Ponca City some years ago and I actually don’t listen to The House FM any more… I listen to some Christian radio stations down here. But your ministry and Ponca City is still important to me.

David – Cypress, TX
I am pledging today because your station has saved me and renewed my faith when I most needed it. I am a disabled veteran dealing with chronic pain everyday. Waking up every day has been a challenge but when I found your station this past December , it renewed my faith and helps me to get thru every day with Gods comfort and strength beside me. Thank you so much for what you do. Their are so many of us out there that need your music and words of faith. May God continue to bless all of you and to keep reaching those that need you most.

Catherine – Wichita, KS
We have been listening to and sponsoring the HouseFm for fours years now and it has been a blessing to our family and we want to share that blessing with others. In these uncertain times we live in it is important to us that people know the promises of our Savior. We have heard so many testimonies of this ministry saving lives. We feel honored to help keep this ministry going. God bless us all!

JJ & Tonya – Elk City, OK
The $30 one time gift is from our 8 year old, Carson. He heard the voicemail reminding us that share drive was upon us and he said he wanted to give some of his birthday money so you could stay on the air and tell people about Jesus.

Sundy & Travis – Kemah, TX
Tricia and I are constantly amazed at the positive impact Christian music makes in our lives and especially the lives of our two young children. Having your 4 year old son want to listen to Christian radio and sing along is truly a blessing. Thank you for having that impact not only in our lives but the lives of many others.

Ryan & Tricia – Guthrie, OK
With all the negativity and discouragement in the world, being able to listen to positive, encouraging, uplifting, and sometimes challenging music makes such a difference. Hearing my 8-year-old singing along is just the icing on the cake! The team at The HouseFM is doing great work – keep on inspiring others!

Crystal – Edmond, OK
My heart has been struggling to give. My husband got laid off and and we have peace about where he is going to be though I felt lead to give because feel God leading me to trust Him more. God willing we can find a job with our step of Faith.
I support the House FM in order to have positive, uplifting Christian music available not only when everyday life weighs me down, but to help me see the positive in every situation. I also enjoy the personal “hometown” feel of the House FM over the national stations. In addition, when I hear parents of young children comment about how their kids sing along to the songs on the radio without concern of questionable content/language, I want to help ensure this resource continues to be available to them. I wish I would have known about this station when my kids were young! Thanks for all you do!!

Chris & Dana – Harper, KS
This is honestly a leap of faith. Beginning March 4th, I will not be working the second job I’ve had for the past 7 years, resulting on a loss of roughly $850 a month in income. My wife’s health also keeps her from having a job other than her home-based business, which has struggled recently. However I feel that God is leading us to increase our contribution, if even just slightly. He always knows what’s best. 🙂 If you need any further, please let me know. God Bless!

Scott & Melissa – Columbia, MO
We have been with theHouse and Praisefm since almost the beginning! I can’t imagine our days without it. It helps us stay focused or to refocus throughout the day. It blesses us to hear our teenager singing songs or saying “turn this up”!! In times of such a negative worldly atmosphere, please invest in theHousefm’s positive message of God’s greatness and love!

Joe & Lisa – Ripley, OK
The HouseFM has been such a blessing to our family. We have faced amazing adversity in the last few years, & The House has been an anchor for us. We’ve been impacted by the oil economic crisis, but we’re pledging in faith that God will provide. The joy of hearing my children singing to just about every song and knowing that their faith is being strengthened with each word is at times overwhelming. I encourage others to pledge knowing that they are making a difference for not only today but for future generations. Please pray about it, and if God is calling you to make a pledge, don’t hesitate!

Robert & Cyndy – Midwest City, OK
This will be my second year to give a pledge. The House FM has been part of my life for as long as I remember. God has used this ministry to help reach me during some rough and dark times. I was very glad that I could still listen daily after I moved to Missouri; however, my friends in Oklahoma know that when I come and visit, The House FM will be playing on the radio at some point! I give to The House FM because I know the positive impact it has on my life, and I want give back so that this ministry can continue to help others.

Savannah – Branson, MO
We love the house fm. I have lost my job of 17 years last year. I was worried, why?? I guess it’s just human nature, but God has provided for our family. We are doing better financially, emotionally, physically than when I was working. We are so blessed that we are able to up our pledge to 40. Keep up the awesome job!!!!

Chris & Tina – Binger, OK