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Prayers for the Southeast

Hurricane Dorian hit. Want to help?

Hurricane Dorian is impacting Florida, the Bahamas and the Southeast with force, affecting thousands.

Our station has compiled a list of ministries that are answering the call to help bring relief and aid to those whose world’s have been turned upside down by this storm.

  • Samaritan’s Purse – With disaster relief units already in Florida and receiving donations to help bring relief, it is expected that thousands of volunteers will be needed for months to come. Click here if you are wanting to volunteer to help relief efforts.
  • Minuteman Disaster Response – This charitable non-profit relies on donations to be able to offer life-saving services at disaster services by providing well-trained, well-equipped, self-contained task forces and strike teams to assist in search and rescue, emergency medical operations and emergency communications
  • Mercy Chefs – Principally focused on providing disaster relief, this faith-based ministry makes use of their equipment, skills and volunteers to provide professionally prepared, restaurant quality meals from their mobile kitchens for victims, volunteers and first responders in national emergencies and national disasters.
  • Convoy of Hope – Bringing hope in the storm, Convoy of Hope will be arriving in Florida and is working with local partners to identify the areas of greatest need and set up for distribution of many necessities that victims don’t have access to during and after a disaster.
  • Salvation Army Relief – Ready to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to survivors and relief workers, Salvation Army has mobilized from across the country and are accepting donations to help aid with hurricane recovery efforts.


Our prayer is that this becomes an opportunity for us to all stretch and show God’s love to our brothers and sisters. To feed the hungry, bring shelter to the homeless and to shine a light of hope through Hurricane Dorian.