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It's The House FM HOUSE CALL 2020!

Each month of 2020, we’re randomly selecting a winner to receive a House Call box filled with items picked out by a The House FM staff member. What could be in the box? Concert Tickets? Frisbees? Maybe a corgi? It’s hard to say, but you could find out if you are drawn to receive the HOUSE CALL box!

Congratulations to Lori Rinner of Moore, OK, who is the winner of the May House Call Box from Rosie! 

Rosie picked out everything for the May House Call Box..and let’s just say…there was a lot of color happening in that box!

DC has put together the June House Call Box!

They say everyone has a song… and you’ll be singing yours a little louder with DC’s House Call Box!

We know you’re missing live performances. Big concerts just aren’t happening right now, and that’s a bummer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put on your own concert, right there in the living room with the kids. With the next House Call box, DC from The House FM Tonight wants to make YOU the star of the show.

How to Win:

To be randomly selected as the winner of the June House Call Box from DC, you have until midnight on Sunday June 21st to enter to win! If you are not selected, your entry could still be randomly selected for any monthly House Call drawing through December, 2020! Enter below!

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Follow this link for our general contest rules and information. Delivery for winnings within The House FM coverage area.