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The House FM
The House FM
It's The House FM HOUSE CALL 2020!

Each month of 2020, we’re randomly selecting a winner to receive a House Call box filled with items picked out by a The House FM staff member or team… What could be in the box? Concert Tickets? Frisbees? Maybe a corgi? It’s hard to say, but you could find out if you are drawn to receive the HOUSE CALL box!

This October, you could win a Retro Toy Box from Shaun Michaels, our Production Director and host of Christian Music Rewind!  Shaun has an affinity for the 80s, and we think you’ll enjoy these AWESOME throw-back games with your family!

Enter The House FM House Call box contest below! With one entry, you could be randomly selected for any monthly House Call drawing through December, 2020!

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Congratulations to our September House Call Box winner Deborah Frees!  Deborah says, “I have my radio in my office set on The House and I never turn it off. It plays The House 24/7!”
Thank you for listening!

Follow this link for our general contest rules and information. Delivery for winnings within The House FM coverage area.