“Seems I’m not alone at feeling alone”
December 20, 2023 by Tony Weir

Pastor Craig Groeschel recently shared a thought that Christmas is a “magnifier.” Things feel even better at Christmas if you’re going through good times!  But if you’re in hard times, they feel even harder.  And I think this is certainly true when it comes to loneliness.

The isolation we experienced during the pandemic didn’t go away for many.  I continue to read articles about the “epidemic of loneliness” in our country. And it’s not just “single people”… there are many who feel alone in a crowd.  Many will feel lonely, even surrounded by family this Christmas.  There will be an emptiness.  A longing for who isn’t there.  Whether they are no longer alive… or maybe just a person you wish was the one person who was there with you.

If you’re one of the lonely people this Christmas, 2 things to consider:

  1. Reach out – Instead of dwelling on your circumstances and feelings, reach out to people.  Call or text someone or, better yet, multiple people.  Use this as a time to tell people how you feel about them.  It can be as simple as “I’ve really appreciated you this year,” a compliment, or “Merry Christmas, thinking of you today.”  I think you’ll be surprised at the satisfaction you’ll feel by being the one who reaches out.
  2. Look up – Instead of looking around at what might be missing in your life right now, look to God and be reminded of how much He loves you and is always with you.  Just like enjoying a gift, you have to receive it first. You may dismiss this as not being very meaningful because there’s not a physical person you’re interacting with, but have you really tried to engage God?  How hard have you tried to sit in His presence, honestly?  Try internalizing a worship song and sing or speak the words as if you’re in the room with God.  Spend some time in His word and focus on those words being said to you.  It won’t take long not to feel so alone and embrace that He is truly with you.

You are loved.  You may not feel like it.  But I believe it’s a fact, and I hope you may feel less alone this Christmas through one of these ideas.