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Encouragement for Moms, When They Leave for That First Semester of College
August 20, 2019 by Kevin

Maybe you can identify with how parents feel when their kids move away to college for the first time.  We have friends in Tulsa who had a teary weekend.  Their son starts college today, and his mom was blubbery and teary-eyed all weekend apparently…  “He’ll never come home!  I’ll never see him again!!”

And maybe this is you today, feeling like you’re losing your baby.  And for sure, you’re entering a new era in your life as a  parent.  But if you’re like our anxious friend, who said, “He’ll have all his friends, lots of fun things to do, he’ll never come home to see us…”  Listen, he’ll come home.

EVENTUALLY, his clothes will be so nasty that even an 18 year-old, male college student won’t wear them.  He won’t use the laundry facility in the dorm, he doesn’t remember that you packed Tide in his supplies… EVENTUALLY, when every stitch of clothes he owns is filthy, he’ll load those clothes up in his hatchback, and head home to his mother-  AND YOU’LL BE GRATEFUL!  You’ll be SO happy to do his laundry.  You’ll be praying and thanking God for DIRT!  …and SWEAT.  So if your child left for college this weekend, and you feel a void this morning, don’t despair.  It may not be this week or next, but eventually that void will be filled… by laundry!

See, that’s encouraging. I think… 😉 -Kevin