A Part of Something Special
February 24, 2021 by Grant Zellner

“In my car, with my kids, I only listen to Christian music.”

Years ago, at another job, a coworker said this to me. Stacy (not her real name) was not a church-goer. She was not in a Bible study. She and her husband didn’t lead their small family in blessing dinner every evening. From what I could glean and guess over the course of some time working with Stacy, she might not have known Jesus at all.

But, because she was concerned about what her children would hear in the car, Stacy only tuned in to Christian radio.

And whether she knew it or not, every day, Stacy and her family were encountering Jesus.

Jesus uses Christian radio… He uses The House… in more ways than any of us can imagine. Here, listeners find…





Fun. (It’s important!!!)



Think about it… how many of those boxes could you check? Probably several of them. Maybe all of them.

And, I haven’t even mentioned the amazing music and entertaining, CLEAN content.

When we gear up for our major fundraisers here at The House, our advisors tell us, “Never hesitate to give others the opportunity to join in the ministry.” And I’ve really taken that to heart… because I know how often I hear people (and myself) say, “Oh… I just wish I could do something…”

And this is that chance to do something… maybe while picturing Stacy and her kids listening in the car… or while picturing yourself and your kids listening… or any of hundreds of other pictures of people coming to The House to encounter Jesus during a commute, or while cleaning the bathroom, or while taking a walk.

Suddenly, those pictures have a lot of power, don’t they.

I hope you’ll consider joining in the ministry of The House in 2021. If you can join in with your gift, click the donate button. If you can join in with your prayers, pray now and often. Because lots of Stacys are counting on us (whether they know it or not!).