Devo from Matthew West
April 29, 2021 by Haleigh Marie

Day One Devos – a brief email from Matthew West that has a short but powerful message.  Awhile back, I had signed up to receive them and now I look forward to reading them and starting my day off with some encouragement. Within the first sentence of today’s devotional, I was excitedly asking “was this OUR concert!?” And it turns out the story below happened at the concert in Enid on April 22nd.  Rosie was there that night for The House and when I asked if she remembered this happening she said, “Oh yeah, Linda was adorable!”  I am jazzed to share this devotional from Matthew West with you today.

Brand New Miracles

The other night, I was in Oklahoma playing music in front of a live audience again! After standing on their feet early in the show, the audience in the arena sat down and settled in for the night of music. Well, all except for one lady who walked forward and stood directly in front of me, waving her hand as if she thought it was question and answer time! So, I stopped the show and said, “Ma’am what can I do for you?” With a big smile on her face she shouted, “My name is Linda. Four months ago, I had a stroke, but God did a miracle, and I am here to celebrate!” I repeated what she had shouted so the crowd could hear about her miracle. They erupted in applause celebrating with her.

Linda was so excited to tell people about her miracle and it got everyone else excited. She even prompted me to tell my miracle of God healing me from throat surgery. We probably could have gone around the arena and spent the entire night sharing what God was doing in our lives. But I’m also willing to bet there was someone in the crowd who was still waiting to see their miracle, or maybe even losing hope that God still does miracles and thinking maybe He won’t come through for them. There’s nothing like a story of hope to fill our own hearts with hope!

Linda did exactly what Jesus instructed a man He had healed from demon possession to do. “Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how He has had mercy on you.” Guess what happened when the man did that? “So, the man went away and began to tell… how much Jesus had done for him. And all the people were amazed (Mark 5:19-20).” God-stories remind us that God is the author of our stories, too. And when God is the author of a story, you better believe that story is going to be filled with miracles. Because that’s what God does! If you’ve seen God do a miracle in your life, don’t keep it a secret. Tell the world how much God has done for you. God will use your story to encourage someone else in theirs.