Contests You Don’t Want to Miss!
April 28, 2021 by Dusti Fansler

May has a way of sneaking up on me. EVERY. YEAR. Anyone else? Just like it does every year, it brings a busy season of both transitions and celebrations everywhere, including at The House! Here’s the top three contests you can enter to win at The House right now!

First, let’s thank Teachers for all the hard work they’ve done this school year! Our Teacher Appreciation Contest is in partnership with Mardel Christian and Education Stores, and is a great way for a teacher to win a $100 Gift Card to Mardel, and a gift bag of school supplies and gifts from The House!  But this contest ends on Monday, April 31st, so teachers only have until the end of this month to be nominated to win this prize!  We are very much looking forward to surprising some lucky teachers with their gifts on National Teacher Appreciation Day, which is May 4th! You can enter our Teacher Appreciation Contest HERE!

Now let’s turn to graduates – we’ve got something fun for your high school senior, too.  One of the features of our newly redesigned App is an Open Mic.  Kevin and Amy on the Morning Show are asking listeners to give a Shout Out to their favorite graduates using the Open Mic feature – and they’ll also be sharing those on air! Each time a graduate receives a Shout Out, they are entered to win a Microwave that’s all set to making cooking even easier because it’s voice-activated and can connect to an Echo Dot. Imagine your graduate listening to music in their new dorm room kitchen (or wherever they may be headed,) and in the middle of listening to music and cooking, without missing a beat, they say “Alexa, start microwave for two minutes!” It’s a fun gift during what is a very emotional season for parents and their graduates. But the biggest impact of this promotion will be when those graduates are listening to Kevin & Amy on the Morning Show and they hear you say how proud you are of them… that will really mean a lot and it is so very easy to do!  If you haven’t already downloaded our app, search for The House wherever you get your mobile Apps to share your Shout Out!

We’re not trying to get too sentimental, but our Mother’s Day Appreciation Giveaway could really mean a lot to the winning mom because it’s a timeless gift that we know she doesn’t already have enough of… This year for Mother’s Day, nominate a mom you love to win a family photography portrait session from The House FM.  They will also win a $150 VISA gift card to shop for all the outfits and new things needed to get the whole family camera-ready! This contest will run all the way through Mother’s Day weekend, with the winner announced on Monday, May 10th. You can enter our Mother’s Day Appreciation Giveaway HERE!

God is good in All Seasons and we hope that you can use these promotions as an opportunity to bless and encourage others! Oh, and check back with us soon for the announcement of which House Artist will be named for our May House Call!