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The House FM
The House FM
Josh Evans
The House FM Morning Show Co-Host

It’s kind of weird that you’re looking at this bio.

Like, don’t you have homework to do or a nap to take or something? But since you’re here, let me fill you in on a few details.

Let’s start with the important things:

  • I consider myself a PopTart enthusiast; if you ever want to discuss PopTarts, I’m your guy
  • There’s a lot of enjoyment I receive from #hashtagging things
  • Sometimes I have lip-sync battles with myself in front of the mirror (I typically win)

Also, I have to talk myself into leaving the apartment every morning because it’s so cold here in the winter. Stop it – don’t make fun of me. Although I’m originally from northern Michigan, I spent the last couple years doing radio in West Palm Beach / Miami. It’s 85 degrees year-round in Florida. Also, I’ve noticed you don’t have any oceans here — does Lake Ponca count?

(You’re still reading this. Wow . . .)

Seriously though, I’m so thrilled to be on the “Wake Up with Josh and Shelby” morning show! I’ve loved radio since I was a kid and it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do for a career. So happy to have you along while I live out my dream!

When I’m not on the air, I can almost guarantee you’ll find me in the corner of a coffee shop; I might have my headphones in, but make sure you come say hello! I also really like reading CS Lewis, watching Netflix, and traveling the world! (I’m trying to make it to every continent – just have South America and Australia left!)

Okay. That’s enough for now. Thanks for stalking my bio.

See you at your local coffee shop & on the airwaves!