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Listener Comments

Here's what listeners have to say about The House.  Only a few of the comments we receive are posted here.

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Wichita, KS
2/19/2015 12:17:25 PM

When I was a mother of 2 young songs, I lost my husband and my mother to cancer in a year's time, while also moving to a new area where I knew no one (and since I'm from a broken family, I had no other close family to help me). I had a good church, and God has been very good to me, and in time I married a wonderful man and gained a dear daughter, but still I've doubted that God cares for *me*. Today I went to have a scan done to see if I might have some cancerous cells, and I was so thankful that I didn't! I know that it is God who keeps our bodies and lives together. On the way home, I heard Danny Gokey's testimony on The House FM about his song "Hope in Front of Me" - how he felt God had ignored his prayers after his first wife died (I have felt that way too!) but that God showed him He still had a plan for him, and gave him hope. Thank you, House FM - that helped me connect in faith more to God, knowing I can trust Him and He loves me, and that He knows what's going on. <3

Tryon, OK
2/18/2015 12:45:11 PM

I have listened for 6 years. I always share songs i hear with friends and family. 99% of the time it is a God thing right song at the right time. Songs you play make a difference in peoples life everyday. My girls 10&12 can't get the station in the bed room so they play cd's we have won from you. I cant live without this station. you are in our daily lifes! I can go on forever talking about The House FM! WE love it Biggest Fans in Tryon,OK Earl and Melissa Kiser family

Hinton, OK
2/18/2015 10:22:38 AM

I have listened to The House practically every day since Christmas. It has really helped my mindset. It helps me keep my thoughts positive and centered around the love that Jesus has for me. I've been going through some pretty intense personal struggles, and it seems like anytime I start to lose hope, a song like Hope In Front of Me, or He Knows comes on, and reminds me that I'm not alone. I love listening to all of the stories that listeners share, and all of the insight and thoughts that your DJs share throughout the day. The House has helped me so much in my journey to Christ, and I'm SO happy to say that I got baptized at 3 days ago!!! The House strengthens my faith all throughout the day, and keeps my fired up about Jesus even when I'm not at church. Thank you!

Anadarko, OK
2/10/2015 11:57:40 AM

I can't express how blessed I feel to be able to turn on the radio in my car and here the gospel. Whether it be through song or through the messages from your dj's. I do not have a breath taking testimony about how the house saved me at this time but I will say this. God has already showed us in his word that this world will grow drastically darker as time moves forward. I fight daily for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. I don't ever want to be in a place, where the noise of this world is so loud, I can't hear the Lord calling my name. Your ministry helps me maintain that fight. I can add your encouraging words and music to daily prayer and scripture and be unstoppable... Praise be to God for you what you do...

Frazer, PA
2/6/2015 8:38:11 AM

I have listened to the house fm for awhile now, but recently I have been listening to it alot more. I was injured at work in October and have been put on temporary disability. The house fm has made my time at home be more pleasant. I have fallen in love with the station and tune in a lot more.

Martinsville, IL
2/5/2015 12:53:29 PM

A few years back due to some choices that I was making I chose to not listen to the House FM because every song had an impact and I knew better and didn't want to be reminded of my sin. But after a good konking on the head the Lord pulled me back to where I needed to the song that really speaks to me every time I hear it is Lincoln Brewster's "Made New".

mumbai, Other
1/22/2015 3:48:57 AM

Hi I live in Mumbai and I listen to yourll regularly. I find myself getting into disturbing thoughts coz I lost my mum to cancer just when I was pregnant since then I feel quite alone. Very often the daily chores and doing things around the house feels quite burdensome and meaningless.... I expect my 10 and 8 year old to understand, but it doesn't always happen. When one day I stumbled upon the song..Do everything and that just put everything into perspective That whatevei do I do for the glory of the one who made me. wow what a revelation what strength. I stopped stressing myself out and knew that God will provide for me what I needed to do for him. With love . Thankyou.

hillsdale, OK
1/19/2015 10:16:55 AM

I listen to the house FM every day, your songs and messages greatly impact me, when I feel down I like to turn on my radio to the house to help remind me that no matter how sad or depressed I am God is always there

Austin, TX
1/18/2015 1:33:27 PM

I love the House FM. All the music helps to lift me up when i start feeling hopeless. Because of the House FM i have gotten closer to GOD and not ashamed to live the life He has planned for me. Thank you for playing such great music and I hope that others will feel drawn closer to GOD

Columbus, OH
1/11/2015 1:53:21 PM

I started listing to the house back when it started in 2004 if Iam correct.It has made me more of a devout Christian and I try everyday to do what the lord has told me to do.The house has made me a better person and Christian by the music and the music .Thank for this wonderful station god bless you.

Ponca, OK
1/3/2015 11:33:37 PM

I love this station

Altus, OK
1/3/2015 9:59:57 PM

i been listening to the house fm for 3 years the music is so up lefting i listen to the house all day even if am not the music stays with me i jam to it in my car while am driveing its husband and i dance and sing.were happy when we go into stores and hear the house it's a blessing.

Wichita, KS
1/1/2015 6:50:59 PM

I happened to came across House Fm one day 3 years ago when i was painting one day . Music has always been able to speak to me , even before i found the House . But , this ministry has brought me closer to our Lord and Savior and King . When i hear Jenn's devionatiol in the morning , i just know when she reads it over the air , its like The Lord knows what we need when we need it . And i cant help but be so grateful for this radio ministry . May The Lord keep His hand on this ministry !!!'