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The House FM
Partner with Children's Cup

We’re excited to partner with Children’s Cup this year in order to feed children for a month in poverty-stricken Honduras.

Children’s Cup has been ministering and providing aid to hungry and hurting children since 1992. With your monthly pledge, a child will have meals throughout an entire month that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

This year, EVERY $40 a month pledged will provide food for a child in Honduras for one month. This means that with an $80/mo pledge, you will help TWO children in need, and so on in $40/mo increments. Click Here to make your pledge of at least $40 per month.

With your donation, you are making a difference in a child’s life.  Your pledge of $40 a month or more stays with the station and activates a donation from a generous group of donors to feed the children.

Meet some of the children that have been impacted by this ministry and see the difference YOUR pledge can have on lives!

Samuel Torres

Samuel, 5, was 4 years old when he began attending the CarePoint. Samuel lives with is adoptive parents and his younger brother in a wooden house about 150 meters from the project. His parents adopted him when his mother was told she was unable to bear a child. His father works as a bricklayer and his mother works selling tortillas at the house. They do their best to provide for their children but many days they fall short. Samuel wanted to get help because he was very hungry, but his parents were prideful and didn’t want to accept help. The first time Samuel attended the CarePoint, he was very sad because he was very hungry since he rarely ate at home and he was scared because he did not know how to socialize with children other than his brother. After eating nutritious meals, his parents could see the change in Samuel. They realized their pride and decided it was good to accept the help. They are very grateful and now send Samuel’s younger brother with him every day.

Samuel has completely changed since attending the CarePoint. When Samuel first came he was very sad, he was very hungry, and he would not talk with the children because he was scared. Now, his personality has changed, and he eats with confidence talking to all the children and walking to and from school with his friends. Samuel is very cheerful and friendly. He feels very secure and he is very healthy. Samuel has gained a significant amount of weight since first attending, which his parents are very happy to see. Because of his success in the program, his brother’s life is being changed as well.


Amilcar Gaitan

Amilcar, 13, began coming to the CarePoint when he was 11 years old. Amilcar is the oldest child in his family and lives with his mother and younger brother. Amilcar’s mother was in a tragic accident a few years ago and lost her ability to speak. Amilcar’s younger brother has a different father than him but both men have abandoned his mother. Amilcar’s father is not with his mother anymore but is still around Los Pinos. Amilcar’s mother has to provide money for her children. She worked as a beggar before working as a cook at the CarePoint. She paid a small fee to ride the bus every day and would beg on the bus and than go and beg in the streets. Due to her inability to speak, many people would see how she suffered and give her money. She used all the money she received to feed Amilcar and his brother; however, most days the money was not enough. Amilcar’s mother was able to receive enough money to send him to school and one of his friends realized he was sick and not doing well. Amilcar explained it was because he had not eaten anything in multiple days. His friend brought him to the CarePoint after school where he was able to receive as much food as he wanted and take some for his family. Many of his friends were at the CarePoint eating so Amilcar was happy because he fit right in. Amilcar’s mother began bringing his brother to the care point every day and helping cook. Because of this, she rarely begs anymore.

Amilcar is a whole new child since attending the CarePoint. Amilcar was always hungry and sad because children would tease him saying that his parents didn’t love him enough to feed him. Amilcar did not care for his own life. Amilcar was very sick due to lack of nutrition and attention. Over time, Amilcar has gained weight and his attitude has improved from being mocked and sick to being active, healthy and happy. He arrives at the care point everyday to eat and his grades at school have improved. Before he did not like school because he said he was not good at it. He now enjoys studying and said that his work started improving out of nowhere. We know that it was because he was receiving a meal that fueled his brainpower.


Watch the video to meet Luis, another child who has been helped through Children’s Cup!


The House FM and My Praise FM Mission Statement:

To serve Christ through the ministry of Christian radio for the glory of God, to evangelize our area, and to unify the body of Christ without compromise through music and ministry. Our purpose is to provide listeners with an alternative to secular music, keeping hearts and minds focused on the Lord.

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